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Tomas Skoloudik top male model

"When I was 16 there was a school for models and me and my friend just knew it was gonna be full of chics so we signed up..."

"I did the Gap campaign last year then really good contract for tvc for Coca-Cola so those were 2 big things for my last year (have to thank to DNA in NYC...)"

"My girlfriend said I  have nice ass haha..."


Interview by Edo Q
2010 CoverMen Mag!
 May, 2010

-Hello  Tomas, I'm flattered you accepted to be interviewed for CoverMen Mag!, to start this interview off, please give me some background information.Tomas Skoloudik top male model

Hello Everyone...I'm from a small city in Czech Republic called Dobrany it's close by the bigger city Pilsen, I live in LA now trying to break out in music industry, I've played soccer  for 9 years so my high school was specialized for sports.... I did half year of college but I had to quit because of traveling for modeling .but I read a lot and try to self educate myself  :-)

-Who discovered you and convinced you to become a model and how old were you at the time?

When I was 16 there was a school for models and me and my friend just knew it was gonna be full of chics so we signed up, luckily they did the first test shooting for us but I didn't go to Prague to sign with an agency till I was I chose to do it nobody had to convince me. :-)

-Do you remember your first photo shoot as a model? How did you feel during it?

Pretty good the photographer was super cool, she was like 28 years old funky lesbian which can really work with Photoshop haha so the result was quite good, I still have her shots. :-)

-Who was your  first major runway show for? What was the feeling before and after the show?Tomas Skoloudik top male model

Well it was in Milan in 06 ... I did fitting for D&G (not the fitting for the show but they just wanna try on me the clothes for the shows) after Domenico Dolce appeared and started to organize things in the showroom, I've started to talk to him a little bit, with my broken English  and his Italian accent, it would be funny to listen to it, but anyway he told me I should be a news reporter cause I had so many questions :-) but after he asked me if I was doing show the next day, I said no so he just dog out one outfit and said : "Well, No you will"  haha the show was in the morning call time 9 am and  I was done by 11.30. Fashion week is really fast, I just remember that there was huge breakfast and I've got packed as fuck... haha and there were cool lap dancers dancing in background....everything was very professional....feeling after was very good cause I always wanted to do D&G or Armani, I am still waiting for second one :-)

-I know you are a very successful and busy model, can you share with me some of your recent and upcoming assignments?Tomas Skoloudik top male model

Well I did the Gap campaign last year then really good contract for tvc for Coca-Cola so those were 2 big things for my last year (have to thank to DNA in NYC they're doing a great job)  then I went to Japan for a while (where btw I've met Pierre from your web page, great friend and musician also we had so much fun together) and then I've decided to come here to LA so I've missed campaign season in NYC but no regrets, they will come. :-)

-What are some of your professional goals as a model? What kind of campaigns would you like to do?

Some fragrance campaign would be nice and doing Dolce or CK or Armani would be the top for me. :-)

-If you decided to stop modeling today, what other career would you take up? Have you ever considered getting into acting?

Haha it's funny you asked me that, yeah I did acting classes for a month here in LA 5 times per week 3 hours per day but I've decided to jump out of that movie circus ...  you always depend on someone else's opinion and I have enough of this in modeling so right now I'm looking for new challenges like music (taking singing lessons, playguitar, learning piano) and business (audio books, books, table games) so my life is gonna go towards those two directions :-)

Tomas Skoloudik top male model

-Turning to some personal questions, how would you describe yourself? If you had to use few words to describe your personality, which adjectives would you use?

Funny, ambitious, jealous, crazy, thoughtful, I donno if this is an adjective but I just love people which can make other people laugh although they know that they will look ridiculous and they still go for it, so I'm trying to be one of them.... :-)

-What do you think are the features you have that attract other people the most?

My girlfriend said I  have nice ass haha, but I guess it's my face, my lips and also my body I hope:-)

-I am sure you travel  a lot and you have already visited many countries, which of them  would you like to live in at least for a certain period of time? Why? 

Definitely US ...NYC, LA, Miami all great locations and then Tokyo is crazy fun as well :-)  America is still the best I believe, it's just the people here and they always have everything what you're looking for let's say in the shop but they just not have it they have like 10 different kind of it, different smell, color form's funny if it's for you  like for me it's difficult to decide between two things :-)

-Thanks  Tomas for taking the time to reply to my questions, it was a gift to me and my readers!

My pleasure Edo, anytime. :-)