Sergio Carvajal for Nit Swimwear Spring 2016

Sergio Carvajal for Nit Swimwear Summer 2016

Campaigns Joan Crisol Sergio Carvajal

Spanish label Nit Swimwear enlists model Sergio Carvajal as the star of its Summer 2016 advertising campaign lensed by photographer Joan Crisol. Enjoying a beach holiday, the Spanish model dons a selection of key pieces from the label’s collection which highlight his athletic shape.

SergioCarvajal-Nit-Swimwear-Spring-2016-002 SergioCarvajal-Nit-Swimwear-Spring-2016-003 SergioCarvajal-Nit-Swimwear-Spring-2016-004 SergioCarvajal-Nit-Swimwear-Spring-2016-005 SergioCarvajal-Nit-Swimwear-Spring-2016-006 SergioCarvajal-Nit-Swimwear-Spring-2016-007 SergioCarvajal-Nit-Swimwear-Spring-2016-008 SergioCarvajal-Nit-Swimwear-Spring-2016-009

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