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"I was discovered by a cool cat named Scott who was a buddy of mine that I met staying at a hostel in LA during my travels..."

"My first photoshops was a new faces editorial for Attitude magazine. I had no idea what I was doing..."

"I enjoy editorials because they leave u free to do what u want. Choose your own poses and expressions..."



Sebastian Sauve
is currently one of the most successful male models, he is in the ranking of the top50 of and has worked with well - known photographers. He has been featured in many magazines and walked for famous designers. Following here my exclusive interview with him

Interview by Edo Q © 2011 CoverMen Mag!
June, 2011

-Hello Sebastian,  I'm flattered you accepted to be interviewed for my online mag, to start this interview off, please give me some  background information such as your hometown, your family, your education, where you  live now and anything else you consider interestingSebastian Sauve, top model

Hey man. Impressive web site! Thanks again for inviting me to take part. Here's my attempt to sound cool. Sorry about the wait.

Interesting?!  I can't say my life has been interesting but here goes
Born in Michigan to an American father and a German mother in 87 with a big head which earned me the name 'big head Seb' in school. Moved to Bönn in Germany for a year and a half at 9 for my dads work, learned little German by the time we moved to Essex England which was... Different. After 3.5 years and a year in boarding school, the outskirts of Birmingham were home since except traveling for half a year in central America and LA (where I was scouted), and university in Sheffield studying business. Uni was nice but I'm happy to be home. Although I've hardly been home for a year since modeling started to kick off. Now I have to get extra pages for my passport and I live out of a suitcase.

Something i consider interesting? 1. When a whip cracks. Its the tip of the whip moving 880mph cracking the sound barrier 2. 2/3 of all the people who have ever lived as long as 65 are alive today. Facts are always interesting. That's a fact.

Sebastian Sauve, top model

-What do you remember about your school days,  did you have many friends and what was your favorite subject?

Ahh the school days...When I was young I had a big head, I was the smallest kid in my grade, I had white blonde hair, am half American half German in Essex and sucked at school and sports making me not many peoples friend. Then one day I decided to start thinking and play basketball learn to wrestle pay attention in class and make money sellin candy (quite profitably). K god ok grade and never got bullied again after putting the biggest bully in a head lock and makin him squeal. Harsh but it worked. After that I had fun in school and made loads of friends.

- Let's look back at how you started modeling, tell me about how you got discovered.Sebastian Sauve, top model

I was discovered by a cool cat named Scott who was a buddy of mine that I met staying at a hostel in LA during my travels. He saw something in my so called his friends to call their friends to ask there people to get me an appointment at Ford in Hollywood. Ford said theyd give me shot but I had to decline as I started uni in 4 days in England. They recommended I check out Premier in London when I get a chance. I finally did and here I am. It was a slow start but business is booming now. The whole ordeal was very lucky for me.

-Tell me about your first photo shoot,  did you feel comfortable in front of the camera?

My first photoshops was a new faces editorial for Attitude magazine. I had no idea what I was doing I was freezing Calder wearing just a kilt standing on a roof in the peripheral of a dozen builders. After about 20 minutes, I thought to think about something to affect the look they were asking for. I pretended I lost my wallet and that there was sun in my eyes. Tue photographer said that's it! I discovered my look and loosened up. I've been comfortable in front of a camera ever since.

-What kind of assignments, as a model, do you prefer? (photoshoot for campaigns and ads, fashion shows, Tv commercial and so on...)

I'd have to say that even tho they don't pay (which sucks), I enjoy editorials because they leave u free to do what u want. Choose your own poses and expressions, ect. It's also more personal as u can express yourself where a show, the models are mostly hired to all look the same and do the same thing and in a campaign the model is directed to perform a very specific task. Tv adverts I have not done yet but will soon, mark my word. Something funny I hope like old spice.

Sebastian Sauve, top model

-Your profile on is amazing, though you are very young, you are a real top model,  did you expect such a great success?

No sir I did not. It's a constant surprise for me to have gotten where I am and to still be in the game. It's such a touch in go industry which the best of psychologists would struggle to explain. It's a wonder. Now that I'm here and while I still am, I am to make a big impact. Might as well aye?

-How would you describe your way to have fun, what do you like to do in your free time?Sebastian Sauve, top model

Fun! Loads of stuff. All kinds of Games, hacky sack, jokes, watching stuff. Laughing, partying, dancing, eating loads, meeting characters and hearing there stories anything really. Haven't been paint balling in ages, that my friend, is fun. I think the next funnest thing will be the water jet-pack

-Do you have a personal motto that sums up your thoughts about life in a sentence?

Why...Why not?

-What kind of music do you like best? What's your current favorite song?

Electro, dub step, house, breaks, etc. Anything with a good bass line. Instruments trump voice's. Favorite song - Pon de floor-Major Lazier.

-Thanks again Sebastian for taking the time to reply to my questions, it was a gift to me and my readers!

No problem, let me know if there's anything else I can do for you!