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 Ryan Barry

"I was shopping in NY, browsing the Armani Exchange store, trying clothes on, and one of the clerks approached me for an upcoming underwear contest..."

"Adam is an artist, genius, and true professional. Not to mention, an overall good guy with a wicked sense of humor..."

"Anyone who is interested in my training can visit my website mentioned above and email me there. I'm currently living and training in Palm Springs, California..."

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Interview by Edo Q 2008 CoverMen Mag!
August, 2008

-Hi Ryan, I am flattered you accepted to be interviewed for my web mag. To start this interview off, I would like to know something about the first years of your life.Ryan Barry

I was born in LA  and was raised all over Southern California. My father worked construction, so we lived where he worked: farm country, the mountains, and the beach. My three brothers and sisters and I were raised in an evangelical home where discipline ruled. My older sister inspired me to join dance class, and at six years old, I traveled around the state in an elite jazz troupe. Then I watched the 1984 Olympics and decided to get involved in gymnastics -- eventually winning state, regional, and national titles. After giving up gymnastics to several injuries and a growth spurt, I focused solely on academics. TOTAL nerd. After studying religion, philosophy, and psychology at UC Irvine, I moved to England for a PhD in neuropsychology at Cambridge University. My parents encouraged me to do whatever I wanted and always supported my dreams, so long as I was trying my best and giving glory to God.

-How and when did you get into modeling? What was your first photo shoot?

My modeling career started at the Sears Portrait Studio when I was 5 years old! I enjoyed all the special attention, the lights, the camera -- especially as a middle child. At eight years old, I did a sportswear runway show that completely embarrassed everyone. I got to the end of the runway and decided to wow the crowd with a triple turn. I fell off the stage, onto the ground. That was the end of my runway career. With braces and glasses, I went through a very gawky period of high school. I was the real Ugly Betty! Our senior yearbook photographer urged me to try modeling, but I thought he was crazy. During college, I joined a gym, started working out again, surfing, and getting more attention from photographers.

-What prompted you to compete in the "National Armani Exchange Modeling Contest"? Tell me more about it: did you hope to win it and what kind of experience was that?Ryan Barry

Last summer I was shopping in NY, browsing the Armani Exchange store, trying clothes on, and one of the clerks approached me for an upcoming underwear contest. He told me all about it and urged me to submit my photos for the online contest. I asked my friend and photographer, Adam Bouska, to take some test shots for submission. I didn't hear anything for weeks, and then suddenly, I got an email saying I had made it to the final three and won a trip to NY! I was shocked. So, I went to NY, met the other finalists and had a blast with photoshoots, interviews, and parties. The winner was chosen by the highest number of online votes and was announced by GQ Magazine. They announced my name, and I was shocked again! Armani flew me back a month later for a shopping spree and photoshoot, where I modeled the entire line of Pima underwear that was featured on their website.

-You were the "cover model" of issue #96 of "DNA Magazine". Do you consider that your greatest achievement as a model so far?

I think so. Today, a guy approached me at my gym and said he recognized me from my poster in Sydney, Australia. He told me that the magazine cover was blown up as a popular advertisement in the city center. I thought that was pretty cool.

-You mentioned that you worked with Adam Bouska, one of the greatest fashion photographers. What was it like working with that artist? Did you feel comfortable in front of his camera?Ryan Barry

Adam is an artist, genius, and true professional. Not to mention, an overall good guy with a wicked sense of humor. Our photoshoots have always been very natural and organic. Nothing planned. We both throw out ideas and go with what seems fun and cool at the time. It's a great way to work. Our first photoshoot was on top of my apartment roof in Hollywood. The DNA shoot was at random locations driving through the Hills, and the Armani test shoots were in my apartment basement! He and I are friends and we work well together. I feel very comfortable in front of his camera. And the best part: We always celebrate the end of a photoshoot by drinking margaritas and eating chicken quesadillas at a local cantina!

-What are some of your professional goals as a model? What kind of campaigns would you like to do?

Of course, anybody would love to land a national campaign! But I'm realistic and won't hold my breath for it... I'd die! I do perceive my own modeling more as a hobby and keepsake than a business or career. The industry is notoriously fickle, so I don't take my corner of it too seriously. It's great to be approached by a photographer or modeling contest, but it's important for me to have other interests and jobs lined up. Nevertheless, it's definitely fun work if you can get it! I'm just a big fan of photography in general, either in front of or behind the lens. I love the awesome blend of art and science.

-I know you are a Certified Personal Trainer too ( Why did you choose to pursue a career in personal fitness training and what makes your training style effective?Ryan Barry

I spent most of my childhood years training for gymnastics, so I developed a true love and passion for health and fitness. As an athlete, I understood the importance of nutrition as fuel, the calorie-in versus calorie-out diet formula, visualization, feel-good brain chemicals, and the preventative benefits gained from working out. A career in personal training was a no-brainer for me. As a results-driven trainer, I'm constantly focused on proper technique, breathing, balance, and safety -- without losing FUN! Being attentive is vital. I'm the best example of how working out can improve one's life, so I love sharing my passion. I enjoy motivating others to reach their full potential and be their absolute best -- physically, mentally, spiritually. Also, my educational background in neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy gives my training a unique edge.

-Talking about supplements, what role do you think they have in developing a great physique? Which ones do you use, if any, and which ones do you suggest to your clients?

Protein, protein, protein! I can't encourage water and protein enough. I know as a young gymnast, I didn't consume enough protein, and I suffered as a result. As an adult who works out 3-4 times a week, I try and consume almost a gram of protein per pound of body weight daily. Amino acids are the building blocks of life, and protein is essential for muscle development. I urge my clients to drink low-calorie whey protein shakes, as well as eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, to build nice, lean muscle. I'm a big fan of those pint-sized blenders that whip up protein/fruit shakes in no time. For as much as I workout, I try and consume about three shakes daily.

-How would you describe yourself as a person? Do you enjoy meeting new people and your fans?Ryan Barry

Wow, that first question is tough. Well, I'm a hard-working, affectionate Virgo who enjoys sunsets on the beach...! I'm someone who wants the most out of life. I understand the importance of keeping it all in perspective with a good sense of humor. Enlightenment is the ultimate pursuit. I'm on a constant search to figure it all out, make others feel good about themselves, and appreciate all that my life is -- which might be nothing more than a mere blip on a giant radar screen! Family is extremely important to me, as well as the loving relationships I've made along the way. I want to live without fear and without regrets. I want to keep living dreams, having fun, and making the most of every day. Our time on earth is short, so I'm trying to live it to the fullest. And of course, I strive to give glory to God. As far as meeting new people, I love people who can make me think and laugh!

-Thanks Ryan for taking your time to reply to my questions, how can people contact you and get trained by you?

You're very welcome. Thank you for the great questions. Anyone who is interested in my training can visit my website mentioned above and email me there. I'm currently living and training in Palm Springs, California.
All best to you and your web mag visitors!


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