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 Mat Gordon, supermodel

Mat Gordon, top male model

"I was 19 and going out a lot and was discovered in a club by a talented model scout in Alberta. I kind of laughed it off but..."

"I had a lot of fun with the Gucci team, they are like a family and they helped give me confidence to do this work..."

"I moved to Paris recently and was hooked on reading Henry Miller he defines Paris so well..."

Mat Gordon is one of the most successful male models in the world, he is in the ranking of the top50 of and in the list of the top10 male models of Forbes'


Interview by Edo Q © 2010 CoverMen Mag!
 January, 2010

-Hello  Mat, I am proud to interview you, just to start it off, though  you are very famous, please give me some background information.                                                      Mat Gordon, top male model

I was born on a farm in Alberta, Canada just outside a small town called St.Paul. Although my dad was a teacher we ran a self sufficient farm to have our own organic produce and meat, so my childhood to teen years were spent milking cows and shoveling shit. lol I used to think I had the worst card in life getting up every morning in -40 degree weather to milk a cow but when I look back on it now it was a grounding unique experience that I still carry today.

-Let's look back at how you started modeling, tell me about how you got discovered.

Actually it took a while for me to be convinced, my teen years were awkward, and I didn't grow into myself until 19 so I had been approached a few times before I agreed to try a photo shoot. I was 19 and going out a lot and was discovered in a club by a talented model scout in Alberta. I kind of laughed it off but kept his business card until the summer when I decided to give it a try.

-Tell me about your first modeling job, what was it like?Mat Gordon, top male model

Horrible. I was incredibly self conscious...I still am but I had no idea how to be in front of a camera. Luckily the photographer was patient and directed me the best he could, it definitely did not come naturally and has taken me a while to get comfortable with. I'm very lucky I met some patient people along the way who liked my look.

-What was the most fun work that you have done as a model?

I shot a Japanese Coca-Cola commercial with a skydiving plot, they had a full plane set in a massive studio where I was also hoisted up on repelling ropes in front of a green was cool to shoot video and the team was very cool to work with, although it was probably one the hardest jobs as well. I had a lot of fun with the Gucci team, although I think I was too stunned to fully enjoy the moment! And Paco Rabanne was total fun,  it was such a relaxed atmosphere.. and I got to dance all day.  

 -On the fashion industry: who are the people that you really loved to work with?

I had a lot of fun with the Gucci team, they are like a family and they helped give me confidence to do this work. I think I was always a bit scared of the fashion industry for what I thought it represented and Gucci will always be for me the moment where I saw heart and soul and passion for an expressive art form. I saw people doing what they loved, working together and having fun without compromising the highest of standards. Maybe I was naive or uneducated but I never imagined fashion to be like this.

Mat Gordon, top male model

-Let's talk about Paco Rabanne's  "One Million TV ad", (click here to watch the clip) it was just brilliantly done and you were perfect for it, what do you remember about that experience? Mat Gordon, top male model

The casting was intimidating. I wasn't given much notice when they told me I had an appointment to meet with the whole team of Paco Rabanne. I drove out to their head office with the casting director who coached me a bit, and built up my confidence...she was beautiful. On the 7th floor I entered a board room with a large long wooden table surrounded by 12 or so people including the creatives, the director and the producer. I then had to give a brief presentation about myself after which I had to dance for them to the Chemical Brothers track for 2 minutes. I'm glad they didn't film that part...I felt like such a nerd.  
The job itself was amazing, it was pretty much total fun, Paul Gore (the director) had a very clear vision of what he wanted, in an effortless way and for a lot of it I just had to dance so it was a blast. The creative team were relaxed and confident in there story, and the stylists were good friends as well. In all, it was a mega-combo of talent that made it incredibly easy for me to do my job.

-Forbes named you among the top 10 successful  male models, how does that make you feel?

I feel very gracious to be so successful in such a competitive industry.

-The next thing most models want to pursue is an acting career, is it so for you too? If yes, what kind of movies would you like to star in?                                                     Mat Gordon, top male model

I am trying to look for other things to pursue as I think its importantly to keep growing in skills and experiences. I don't think I am a good actor - although it is a dream to be part of the process of filmmaking - I may be more suited for behind the camera, but if I were to choose a role I would love to star in an action movie where I played a villain. I feel like I'm good at being creepy lol. Or a musical. I grew up watching a lot of them at home and it would be a guilty pleasure, but I am such a giant it might be hard to land a role!   

-How do you like to spend your spare time? What is the meaning of fun and having a good time for you?  

Every once in a while I love to find a heavy club night and dance. If the music is good I can dance all night. It's a huge therapy for me to let go and only feel the music...when I leave I am exhausted, spent and I feel relaxed, all my built up emotions, worries or feelings have been released. Otherwise I sit at home, watch movies on the Internet or read. I moved to Paris recently and was hooked on reading Henry Miller he defines Paris so well.

-Do you have any friends among other models or they feel jealousy about the amazing success you've had?                                                                                               Mat Gordon, top male model

I have many friends who are models, we all start in the same place struggling to get work and I feel anyone who knows me well is happy for my successes as I am for theirs; when I started I really didn't think I'd make it to the top but was enjoying the ride of the experience. You can't plan for this experience you must just adapt...

-Thanks Mat for taking the time to answer my questions, it was a gift to me and to my readers!

Its my pleasure I appreciate your support of the industry, a bientot!

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