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Luis Kelling

Luis KELLING, top model

"My first modeling job was for a lookbook in Munich. There was this new upcoming designer who wanted to do the shoots with me..."

"Mariano Vivanco is one of the biggest photographers. I knew it was him shooting for Uomini..."

"Traveling means everything to me. When Im old, it is my dream to have been everywhere in the world.."

Luis Kelling is  a successful and very experienced model. He already has behind him a few big jobs like the shots by Mariano Vivanco for his book "Uomini" that are really popular. You can read below my exclusive interview with him.

Interview by Edo Q
© 2011 CoverMen Mag!
January, 2011

-Hello Luis,  I'm flattered you accepted to be interviewed for my website, to start this interview off, please give me some background information.                         Luis KELLING, top model

Ciao Edo, its a pleasure for me to answer your questions.
I was born and grew up in Munich/Germany, lovely city where are still my parents and most of my friends, which I have back from school. Having lots of fun there always when I go back. I was living in Munich until I was 20, I did my Abitur, and soon after I got discovered I had my first trip to Paris and then started to travel.
My Mom is working for the city of Munich, my dad is selling houses. My twin brother Victor and me we grew up with our mom, who means everything to us. We talk everyday and have are no secrets, Im very thankful for the support I get from both of them.

-Let's look back at how you started modeling, tell me about how you got discovered.

I have an identical twin brother, Victor, who looks the same to me. We are both tall (185cm), so we went shopping in the city of Munich, where an agent came up to us, and asked if we could think about working as a model. He was supergay, we both never had contact with gays before, and we just wanted him to leave us alone. Standing there right on the street, with the guy who gave us compliments, me and Victor no idea what he was talking about. Was actually a little scary. But very funny when I think back.
Our plans were to study, that was right before our last exams. But he kept calling, we didnt really want to study, so oneLuis KELLING, top model day, I was saying to Victor "Ok, lets have a look, we can at least check it out" So we went to this little agency in Munich, and he was talking about a big future, which sounded great. We signed with the agency, and soon he sent us away. It was very difficult for us, that was the first time we got separated. We split the agencies, when Victor was in Milan I went to Paris, as he was my biggest concurrent of course.
Family and friends were a little surprised I think, they didnt really know whats going on, as everything went so fast..

-Do you remember your first modeling job? What was it like?

My first modeling job was for a lookbook in Munich. There was this new upcoming designer who wanted to do the shoots with me. I didnt even know what a lookbook was. So I went to this studio, where already people were waiting for me, in total maybe 5 or 6 and I didnt know what to say. The designer was there, dressed up in his own collection, his gay friend the photographer was putting on the girls clothes, and they both were running around in the studio, screaming and laughing. I was standing in the door, for literally 5 minutes and watched the scene, didnt know if I should do it or go straight back home. But it was really fun in the end, the photographer always said: "Luis, I want you to be hot and sexy!" Then he was screaming loud   "HOT AND SEXY! BE A TIGER RRRRRR". That was my first experience, very fun...

-On your  recent shot by Mariano Vivanco: what do you remember about that experience and did you feel comfortable to pose naked in front of his camera?       Luis KELLING, top model

Mariano Vivanco is one of the biggest photographers. I knew it was him shooting for Uomini, but no one told me to be naked in there. The shoot was in Milan, right in the garden of the Dolce Gabbana headquarter. Everyone was smiling, it was summer, and then Domenico Dolce send me out to shoot with Mariano. Mariano just finished shooting another guy before, he was there with 2 assistants and some other people. The first second I saw him, he got a big smile on his face and I had to laugh immediately with him. And then he asked me to get naked for the shoot straight away. I actually didnt really think about it, I just did it. There was no, what will my Mom say etc, it was all between Mariano and me. I dont like it when people see me naked, just dont feel comfortable, but this was an exception, I felt super comfortable and the pictures are amazing!!!

-Please share with me some of your recent and upcoming projects.

Lets see what the future brings. Some big things are in the air, but as far as nothing is sure I dont talk about it.

-Turning to some more personal questions,  how do you spend your free time? Luis KELLING, top model

Wherever I am, whatever I do, I always have to do sports. Now its mostly workout in the gym, but that takes time. I just love it, Im addicted to sports. If I do not work out, I get nervous.
But then also, I love to meet people, having coffee, go to the city like a tourist, read books...

-Do you think that the job title “male model” does help your dating life? In other words do you think that  women  are attracted to male models?

Thats an interesting question, but actually I dont think it makes any difference. Its about personality, not about titles. My friends say to me, that I always get to know people and a lot of girls.. that it would be just because Im a model. But its not. Its not that I run around and say to the girls: "Listen darling Im a model"... mostly I dont even tell anyone. If they ask me why I travel so much, I say I work for a photographer or just won a ticket for the plane.
There are always superficial people, but to find the good ones in life you have to look deeper, and see the character and not the title. To be a model doesnt mean anything.

-Are you a "fashionista"? What do you like to wear when you are not working as a model?Luis KELLING, top model

The more and more I got into fashion it got more important for me to wear also clothes which fits me. When I was a teenager I was running around in Hip hop clothes, being cool with Fubu, now I dress mostly classic. I really do like clothes, from classic to fashion, I even mix, or still have some hoodies, I wear everything, I just dont wear pyjamas.

-I know you've have been traveling around the world, where you would like to live other than where you do now?

Traveling means everything to me. When Im old, it is my dream to have been everywhere in the world.
Hard to say for living, I guess I need some more houses.. Milan, London, New York. My problem is that I always wanna go somewhere else where I am. I love Germany, its a great country, but Ive been here for so long. Stay tuned for the future!!

-What is your favorite sport? Do you only watch it or do you play it too?

I used to play football, even for Tsv 1860 München, one famous club in Munich. But after a while my brother and me wanted to do something else and soon started with Brazilian Jiu-jutsu when we were around 16 years old. Soon got very interested in martial arts, boxing, ground fighting, even fight with weapons like a sword, sticks. Just so difficult to do these things with my job. I would love to surf and to climb.

-Thanks  Luis for taking the time to reply to my questions, it was a gift to me and my readers!

You are always welcome!!!

- Luis Kelling