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Alex Wilms Exclusive Interviews

We are glad to present our exclusive interview with Italian-German model Alex Wilms, one of the favorite male faces of the Italian fashion house Armani. Alex unveils us some of the most important events of his personal life and some highlights of his successful modeling career.

Hello Alex I’m flattered you accepted to be interviewed for CoverMen Mag, to start this interview off, please give me some background information.

Hey, its an honor to be part of your interview. I’m Alex Wilms, 23 years old, half German, half Italian. I was born in Rome, Italy but I grow up in Muenster, Germany. I am absolutely a family man, I really need my family. It is so difficult for me to be away from there for a long time. I am a very ambitious man. Also I love to cook. Moreover I have one big passion: Football.

1x1.trans Exclusive Interview With Alex Wilms

What do you remember from your school days? What was your favorite subject? Did you have many friends?

In my schooltime I was a class clown, always making stupid and funny things. My favorite subject were sports for sure haha. I’ve never had many friends. In my opinion its better to have a handful of good friends and thats it. The other ones are only acquaintances.

Let’s look back at how you started modeling, tell me about how you got discovered.

I decided to become a model after my Emporio Armani campaign in April 2014. After such a big campaign you have to take the opportunity. I was discovered by my famliy and some friends. They always told me that I had to try it. At the end also my booker Matteo Mazzi from Fashion discovered me.

1x1.trans Exclusive Interview With Alex Wilms

What was your first main assignment as a model?

My first assignement as a model was a shooting for ESPRIT in Amsterdam I think. But I am not sure.

Who was your first major runway show for? What was the feeling before and after the show?

My first big runway show was the Emporio Armani Fall Winter 2014/2015 show in January 2014. I was so nervous and excited. It’s not normal to work for a legend as MR. Armani is. To be honest it was one of my most excited moments in my life. After the show I was just happy and glad that everything went well but I was also out of it because my dad was very sick in that period, so my thoughts were with him.

1x1.trans Exclusive Interview With Alex Wilms

What was your first big break in the industry? What do you think made you so successful as a male model as opposed to the other good-looking guys?

My first huge job was the Emporio Armani Fall Winter 2014/15 Campaign. It was a wonderful experience and I hope that I will make a few more big campaigns. I think my breakthrough has yet to come. I would advise each client to shoot with me once. You will be positively surprised. I am convinced. I don´t think I am a really successful model. There are so many good models. It’s my aim to get into the Top20 but its a long way. I always have to work on myself and be focussed on my career.

1x1.trans Exclusive Interview With Alex Wilms

Please share with me some of your recent and upcoming modeling assignments…

I don’t know if I can talk about my upcoming works. I dont want to get into trouble with my agencies hahaha but I did some pictures for Cavalli, There come out in Janaury.  Some of my recent works:  Lookbook for Hugo Boss and Brunello Cucinelli, both very very cool brands.

1x1.trans Exclusive Interview With Alex Wilms

Tell me about your way to have fun, the places you usually go and your way to enjoy life...

I love to make fun and to laugh, its important to have fun in our lives, sometimes  life can be so difficult and hard for several reasons, so for me its very important to stay as much time as possibile with persons whom I have fun. I love to stay in my apartment with friends, cook some good food or to watch a good film. It doesnt matter where you are when you have the right people next to you… To do sports is very important for me. I feel balanced then.

1x1.trans Exclusive Interview With Alex Wilms

I guess you’ve traveled around the world, where you would like to live other than where you do now?

Puuuuuh man difficult question. I love where I live, my hometown. I would like to live in a place near sea but not too far away from my family, I think Maiorca is the right answer. Good weather, beautiful sea and close to my city.

1x1.trans Exclusive Interview With Alex Wilms

Do you have one personal motto, that sums up your thoughts about life in a sentence?

There are so many good mottos. I have one for Love “Thinks will fall into place” and one for work and the rest “Believe in yourself and live with passion and love”.

Thanks for taking your time to answer my questions Alex, it was a gift to me and my readers!

It was my pleasure. Thank you very much!

Agency: Fashion Model Management

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