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John Huetter, male model

"My first paying job was for Lacoste’s e-commerce. I booked it in June because I remember I had just moved into my new apartment..."

"I really want to become an actor so I see modeling as a form of acting just without any words..."

"My agent, Kevin Holloman, is on top of his game. He only sends me to the best of the best so I feel safe and comfortable wherever I go..."

Agency: ADAM N.Y.C.


Interview by Edo Q © 2009 CoverMen Mag!
 December, 2009

-Hello John, I'm flattered you accepted to be interviewed for my online mag, to start this interview off, please give me some background information. John Huetter, male model

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. And before you say it, yes it’s cold and yes we get a lot of snow lol. But as I like to refer to it – “The Center of the Universe.” Lol. I grew up in more of the suburbs. Sometimes during the summer you’d walk outside and you could smell the cow manure. Good wake up call!

I come from a very traditional and grounded family. My parents have been happily married for over 35 years. They taught me “please and thank you” go a lot further then you think. It turns out they’re right. They really stressed with hard work, perseverance, and honesty everything else will fall into place. I have an older brother who lives in Tribeca with his wife. I see him a couple times a month. We get together to play basketball, maybe meet each other out for a drink, or I’ll go over to his place for a Sunday dinner. And I also have an older sister who is finishing up grad school in Boston. She has a one year old daughter, so I’m Uncle John John. It’s fun to have a little one running around.

As far as my education goes, I went to a small liberal arts college in Rochester, NY called St. John Fisher College. I was recruited to play basketball there. I played 3 years before my knees went bad. But by that time I was bartending, had a girlfriend, and was enjoying the “college life.” Lol. I graduated with a 3.5 GPA. My degree was in marketing with a concentration in communication/journalism.

I’m currently living on the Upper West Side near the Lincoln Center. But when I first moved to NYC I was living in Weehawken, NJ.

-Let's look back at how you started modeling, tell me about how you got discovered.John Huetter, male model

Long story but I’ll try to make it quick. After I graduated I got a job in Rochester doing internet sales. But I wasn’t actually doing the sales. I was cold calling to set up appointments for my sales executive to make the sales pitch. The owner was an egocentric maniac and one day he gave a speech to us about “why can’t we be the best at our job?”

In the meantime I was always thinking about acting and modeling but never really acted on those thoughts. And by this time I hated my job. Absolutely dreaded it. So the boss gave this speech and I took it to heart. The next day I walked into my managers office and told him I quit. When I asked why I said, “Why can’t I be the next best model or actor?” His response? “Go for it! You’ll regret it if you don’t.”

So I quit July 2008. During August 2008 I visited a friend in Hoboken for two weeks. And for those two weeks I pounded the pavement. I walked from agency to agency, open call to open call, showing my polaroids. Took a lot of “no’s” and “we’ll get back to you if we’re interested.” One of my last days I was there I went to Model Service Agency. They liked me and asked when I could move down.

I was totally happy. So exciting. I said I need to save up a little more money but I’ll move down in a few months. So I moved back to Buffalo. Lived with my parents. And worked for my sister’s friends debt collection company until the end of January 2009. And on January 30, 2009 my mom drove me to Weehawken, NJ. My home for the time being. And as the saying goes… “The rest is history.”

-How did you get your first modeling job and what was it like?John Huetter, male model

My first paying job was for Lacoste’s e-commerce. I booked it in June because I remember I had just moved into my new apartment. So it took me over 4 months to finally book a job. Anyways, I wasn’t that nervous because apparently they had already booked another guy but they didn’t like how the pictures turned out. So my mentality was that I have nothing to lose. And really that’s how I look at everything. Got nothing to lose. Everything to gain.

-What was your first impression of the modeling world and was there anything that surprised you or that you didn't expect?

I knew going into it that it’s very cut throat. There’s a lot of harsh criticism. Luckily for me I played for one of the strictest basketball coaches ever. He would yell and scream at everything you did wrong. It helped build thick skin. So when people say that my hair isn’t right, or I’m not thin enough I don’t really take it personally.

Nothing really hasn’t surprised me that much. I’ve heard rumors or horror stories about what other models went through on photo shoots or go-sees. Use your imagination as to what supposedly happened lol. But none of that has happened to me. My agent, Kevin Holloman, is on top of his game. He only sends me to the best of the best so I feel safe and comfortable wherever I go.

-How do you prepare yourself for a photography session? I mean physically, mentally and so on...John Huetter, male model

Every time I’m on my way to a photo shoot I tell myself two things. 1) I’m going to own this shoot. The pictures I’m gonna get are going to be the best. I’m confident. I’m comfortable. You know what you’re doing. Now let’s go do it. 2) Make the most of the time. Don’t ever take the test shoots for granted so make it worth your time.

With that mentality I’ve really gotten some good, quality pictures. It’s pretty funny to look at the pictures from my first shoot to my most recent ones. It’s amazing what experience and being comfortable in front of the camera can do.

Physically speaking I don’t do anything out of the norm. I’m not one of those “crash dieters” who are like “OMG I have a shoot tomorrow! I’m only going to eat olives, drink water, do sit ups, then throw up.” Lol. That’s not for me. I’ll get to my work out later in the questionnaire.

But I also like to see the photographers work beforehand. It’s good to try to get a feel for the photographers look. But it’s also good to know what type of look the photographer is trying to capture. Dark and gloomy? Sexy? It just helps to prepare and make the most of the shoot.

-How do you do to connect with the photographer in front of you and what comes to your mind when a photographer asks you for a sexy/sensual pose?John Huetter, male model

I really want to become an actor so I see modeling as a form of acting just without any words. When the photographer asks me to be sexy I try to picture “sexy” in my mind and become that. I try to become “tough” or “innocent” and so on.

Connecting with a photographer is just being personable. I see it as business meeting. You might not like all the people you work with but for the 2-3 hours you’re in the meeting with them you have to put on that face and get along. The best pictures in my book are with photographers who I clicked with. No pun intended.

Obviously I’m not going to like every person I come across in the modeling industry. But for the seconds, minutes, or hours that I’m with that person you guarantee they believe that I totally like them. It’s just common sense business. Don’t have to be best friends but you definitely have to be able to work together.

I think a lot of my pictures show that I’ve gotten along with the photographer. The model and photographer are both there for the same reason. So why not make the best of it. And I think my personality helps. I’m outgoing. Like to talk and joke around so I think that helps make the environment relaxed.

-If you could choose your "dream campaign", what would that be?John Huetter, male model

Good question! I have several. I’m a pretty athletic, sporty guy so I’d love to do a Nike campaign. But I think they usually choose professional athletes. But it’d be sweet to do an ad with Lebron James.

I like the outdoors too. I love to fish and ski. Anything that keeps me outside. I really like the whole North Face brand. It fits my country upbringing to a T.

But in terms of high fashion I have to say Calvin Klein. He’s been original since day 1. Never changed his line because some trend wasn’t what CK was. He’s stood true to himself. And plus they have Eva Mendes! She’s hot! Call me!

-Tell me about your professional plans: apart from modeling, what else would you like to pursue or  you are already pursuing?

I have a couple ideas. I’m actually headed out west to Aspen in February to ski. There is a possibility I don’t return. Might become a ski bum. Grow a huge fluffy beard. Work at a bar at night. Ski all day.

I’ve also thought about going back to school to get my Master’s in something statistics related. I’m a big numbers type of guy. And I’d love to develop some type of statistical analysis in regards to sports. Something that would combine all types of ratings of players to help general managers and coaches evaluate players.  I know there’s stuff out there already but I’d want to expand on it.

But that’s all nonsense because what I really want to do is become an actor. So really I don’t have a fall back plan. I can’t move back home for several reasons. 1) I don’t have a job. 2) My dad turned in my car. 3) I’d be able to live at home for about 2 weeks until my parents got annoyed and started making me pay rent lol.John Huetter, male model

So my eggs are all in this basket. Do or die. Now or never. Make it happen! I love to joke around and have fun so I would jump at the chance to be in a Judd Apatow video. Anything like Superbad, Old School, Anchorman, Wedding Crashers, etc. I recently finished up an acting class and my teacher was pretty impressed so I’m only looking to improve on that.

I believe if you don’t have a sense of urgency then you’ll always remain complacent. That’s why I say it’s now or never. If I don’t do it now, when will I do it? And personally, I think I work best under pressure. So I put the pressure on me knowing that I can’t fail at this. There isn’t anything else to do but to succeed. So only time will tell. But I know how it’s going to play out ?

-Do you have a personal motto, or song, or quote that sums up your thoughts about life in a sentence?

This is an easy one. I gave the best man speech at my brother’s wedding. I had the place laughing and crying. Afterwards everyone came up and complimented me on such a good speech. Right away my aunt and uncle said I need to be in front of the camera more often.

So as I got more serious about moving my uncle told me a story about when he was younger all he wanted to do was be around music. When bands came into town he’d go to the arena and wait around all day and help set up. He eventually got to travel with the likes of Blood, Sweat n Tears and such. He told me to be around what I want to do. Go for it.

Afterwards he starts his own internet business selling switch plates. Biggest one in the world. Google switch plates and his company is in the top three that appear. He took a huge risk. But this is what he told that I repeat to myself every day…

“Profit is the reward for risk.”

I could’ve stayed in Rochester and lived a marginal, average life. Nothing wrong with that. But I want more. Obviously if it were easy everyone would be doing it. It really makes sense though. Everyone who’s successful has had to take some type of risk to get to where they are. John Huetter, male model

My aunt and uncle have been two of my biggest supporters. The only thing they ask in return is that I include them in my speech when I win an Oscar. Consider it done!

Other ones I still really like and have written in my date book that I read every day…

- There are three types of people in this world. Those who make things happen. Those who watch things happen. And those who wonder what just happened.

- Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.

- The difference between a successful man and others is not a lack of power, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.

- To shine like the sun, first you got to burn like it.

And one that isn’t so serious but it explains life – “Sometimes you eat the bear. Sometimes the bear eats you.”


-How do you do to stay in shape? Do you work out, diet or you don’t need any of that?John Huetter, male model

I used to be able to eat anything I wanted to and not gain weight. I could down a box of ho-ho’s, a carton of ice cream, and a 2-liter of soda in a day and if anything I would lose weight. Don’t believe me? Call my mom! Lol.

But now I do try to watch what I eat. I’m not a calorie counter or anything like that. But I try to have everything that I eat be beneficial. I will admit though once and a while I’ll go out and have a few beers with friends. It’s always good to relax, unwind, and get away from the pressures of the industry.

As far as working out, I go to the gym 5 times a week. The two days I don’t go I may go to yoga one day and play basketball the other. It really depends on how I feel.

A lot my staying in shape is dedicated to self control. Being able to control what you eat. Or really just having one cookie. Like, one cookie isn’t bad for you. It’s the 14 that you eat afterwards that are lol. I’m proud of my self discipline. I made a real commitment to the gym and to watching what I eat and I feel like it’s paying off.

-Thanks  John for taking your time to answer my questions, it was a gift to me and my readers!




John Huetter, supermodel

CoverMen Mag! wishes to thank John Huetter for allowing us to post these photos.